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Friday, January 26, 2007

Thanks to Greg Chappell Team India is not ready for 2007 world cup

Playing three wicket keepers proves that India is a batsman short, also Agarkar coming back to one-day cricket tells a lot about our lack of bowlers. Players who are certainties in this team are Rahul Dravid captain and Sachin Tendulkar vice captain. Dravid had been made captain for the 2007 world cup one year back. Though his captainship is in danger as Sachin Tendulkar has suddenly shown signs of getting back the captaincy. One also thinks the vice captaincy for Sachin was only to make his position in this team secure.

Why Sachin a certainty for this team India. Certainly the duck in the second one-day has nothing to do about it. Since Sharad Powar and Vengsarkar are from Mumbai, this could be the only reason why Sachin is the most certain player to make it to the world cup. Also this backup of Sachin from the selectors can give Sachin one more chance to fail as a team India captain. Last time if some one remembers, Sachin had himself left the captainship like a true coward. Then what makes his position as a captain again? Selectors backup as a Mumbai batsman makes Sachin’s stand powerful else there is no other reason why Sachin should become the captain of team India.

Talking about Dravid, Dravid was never a great captain, lost matches everywhere and destroyed the great team India that Saurav made. We can’t blame Dravid for this, as Greg Chappell was the one who took all the decisions. Rahul Dravid played in the shadow of Greg Chappell. If the sole powerful was Greg Chappell then he should be answerable for all that he did all these years after becoming the coach for team India.
What was Greg Chappell done all these years? Players like shevag, raina and kaif are out of the team. All are out of form. This is the coach’s job to get these players in form, but coach Greg Chappell has failed us all. Thanks to Greg Chappell irfan pathan is now a batsman, but is out of the team because he has lost his bowling form. This makes us think that what really has Greg Chappell done all these years.

Also we don’t have our openers ready. Sachin Tendulkar is being protected, and send in the middle overs. This will make Sachin less velnarable, but this don’t save Sachin to get out in zero. So what are the possible openers, is it robin utthappa from the same place as Dravid, or is it gautam ghambhir. A team who don’t know who are going to be the openers, just 2 months before the world cup, should never dream to win the cup.
Middle order is also pretty uncertain. Yuvraj, shevag are still out, so we don’t know who are the possible middle order batsman.
Dravid, Dhoni and Kartik are the three wicket keepers, and all three are playing as batsman, still the team is not able to score runs, what a pity.
Agarkar after all these years is back again. Sresanth is out strike bowler, and Zahhir Khan who was kicked out by Greg Chappell is back. Bowling is also a bit weak as the bowlers are also not pretty certain till now.

This question comes up more and more, as to what Greg Chappell has done all these days; Yuvraj was injured playing kho-kho, thanks to Greg Chappell. So, Greg Chappell has done nothing so far creditable. Then what has he done, the answer is simple, he wasted all his time fighting Saurav Ganguly. And if you analyze, he tried his best to keep Saurav Ganguly out of the team all these days. But now Saurav is back with a bang. So Greg Chappell failed to keep Ganguly out of the team as well. Greg Chappell only failed in whatever he did. And so with it team India also failed, and Rahul Dravid has to pay now for all that Greg Chappell has done. Sachin don’t deserve to be the captain, but Dravid sure deserves to lose the captainship. So, non other than Saurav Ganguly deserves the captainship. The best captain of India, is in the best of the form. There is certainly no reason why Saurav should not get the captainship back. Look at Saurav Ganguly’s come back, he scored a century at the rangi trophy then he got a place in the team India for the south aftica series for test matches. He scored 83 in the practice match then he got a place in the test 11. He scored a half-century in the first test to get his place secured in the rest of the matches. Scored most runs in the series, in south Africa and again came back and made another century at the rangi trophy to secure his place in the one days. Scored 98 runs in the first one day that he played after 16 months. The courage determination and guts is well shown by Saurav Ganguly. Is sachin had gone through all these; he would have retired by now. Thanks to sharad power the mumbai man, and the rest of his party; sachin from mumbai is well secured.
Slap to Greg Chappell in Orrissa airport was pretty unexpected;
who knows he might have showed the middle finger once again. People through out India is not all that gentle, perhaps the orrissa supporters could not take that gesture politely. Greg Chappell got more than 2 years to improve the team India, and most part of the time; Saurav was not in the team. Greg Chappell has wasted his paid time.
Thanks to Greg Chappell, we don’t have a team ready for the 2007 world cup.


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