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Saturday, February 03, 2007

ranji trophy final match against mumbai and bengal

The ongoing Ranji trophy final between Mumbai and Bengal cannot be better than this. Sachin Tendulkar is playing from Mumbai and Saurav from Bengal. This is one of the best Ranji finals in recent times; presence of Saurav and Sachin makes any match special.

Sachin on the first day made a quick century to take his team to a good position, though it was not Saurav’s day and the the teams total also proving the fact that when Saurav dose not plays his team don’t win. In the recent West Indies home series the only match that India lost was the one in which Saurav was rested. Zahir Khan as taken 5 wickets in the innings and also dismissed Saurav Ganguly. We still remember the dulip trophy matches where Zahir Khan has got Saurav a couple of times.

For Sachin the days are pretty good. He scored a 76 ball century in the last one day against the West Indies, and now another quick century in the Ranji, so it’s pretty good form for Sachin at the moment.

India is going in to the world cup with 3 all time great batsman of India in form, the aggressive Saurav Ganguly, the cool Dravid, and the blaster Sachin. A few months back this team was looking very weak with the experiments of Greg Chapple. But then the same team is not confident and strong with Saurav Ganguly kicking into the test team, and then the one-day team.

Though it’s only time that will tell, still there are 4 matches against Sri Lanka which is to be played. If India goes winning all 4 matches here, chances of India’s world cup winning may be a possibility.